Bimetal – The Best Choice

Have you ever tried saving money by buying the least expensive razor blade? Not only do you not get your money’s worth by skimping on quality, but the inferior metallurgy makes the task of shaving truly harrowing.

Some folks are using carbon blades because of the significant price difference over bimetal. But how much do you really save on the back end? If you can cut up to four times the pallets with a blade that costs less than twice the price of carbon, your true cost is far higher with carbon.

To truly appreciate the difference, let’s compare the two types of blade:

A carbon saw blade has excellent flexibility for spinning around the band saw pulleys, but the material is too soft to hold a sawtooth edge for very long. A bimetal saw blade is mostly the same carbon steel with a critical difference: the business edge of the blade has hardened, drill-bit alloy fused to the carbon for a sawtooth edge that stays sharp about four times longer.

The bimetal blade is no more likely to suffer breaks or other wear problems than the carbon blade since it shares the same material (other than the edge) with a carbon blade.

So, is using a carbon band saw blade the equivalent of shaving with a 10 cent razor? Why don’t you ask your staff which they would rather use and then let us give you a cost comparison based on actual usage results in similar plants? You’ll spend less in the long run, have fewer blade changes, and your staff will enjoy a higher self-esteem that comes from using quality equipment.

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