Product Spotlight – Brush Defender


There are some tasks in a pallet fabricating environment that are fraught with danger.

Like when you go to nail a replacement slat onto a pallet that has a hidden embedded nail that is exactly underneath the spot where you are shooting that new nail, and…

…ZINGO! Your nail just ricocheted across the room with the velocity of a bullet!

This is the kind of environment that led us to introduce our brush defender. When it comes down to a choice between wearing cumbersome Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and risking a disfiguring nail flying into your cheek, a lot of folks opt for the PPE. It also is ideal for band saw operators in need of face protection.

But the really good news is that our brush defender isn’t as cumbersome as it appears to be. It is an exclusive HUB Industrial product that is engineered specifically for our pallet industry friends who will appreciate its many refinements:

  • Lightweight metal mesh will never fog up and allows good ventilation
  • Shield dimensions allow full range of head movement without bumping against chest, etc.
  • Permits wearer to wear glasses underneath shield
  • Flips up when not needed
  • Integrated earmuffs can be flipped away when not needed

Many plants have recognized the value of this PPE and have adopted it wholeheartedly. We’re so convinced in its value to the industry that we are encouraging more people to give this thing a try.