Band Saw Blades

M42 Bi-Metal Dismantling Blades

Take Hub’s 110% Challenge

That’s right; HUB is so committed to achieving your 100% satisfaction, we guarantee our band saw blades by 110%. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, HUB will refund your total cost, plus another 10% credit that can be used to purchase any of our other high quality products.

But, we’re confident that you’ll get the same benefits from these blades as do thousands of our other customers. Our band saw blades are proven to:

Reduce switch-out time.
Increase the number of pallets torn down by each blade.
Reduce your operating costs.
Enable you to better serve your customers.
Improve your bottom line.

Here’s What Others are Saying About HUB’s Band Saw Blades

“We switched to Hub blades after testing them against carbon blades and other bi-metal blades that we were buying. They were tested on white wood and block pallets tear down, and we found significant improvement with blade life. We have been tracking data daily since we switched, and the results have shown over time that your blade last longer and saves us money. We have seen consistent white wood pallet counts between 900-1000 pallets per blade in an 8 hour shift. I also have been very satisfied with the support of your staff and our rep, Sam Lacey. Hub has stayed on top of our needs and even notified us when we were close to needing an order and we didn’t even know it. Good job Hub, keep up the good work.”        David—Plant Manager

High Carbon Resaw Blades

Building on the success of our line of bi-metal bandsaw blades, HUB is now pleased to offer our new line of carbon blades to our whitewood customers.

These blades are designed for resaw applications and are available in a variety of lengths. The high-carbon content of the metal and the optimized tooth geometry means a longer lasting edge and cleaner ripping of your rough timber. Longer lasting blades improve productivity with fewer blade changes and a lower cost per cut.

• High carbon content.
• All the popular lengths in stock; call for custom sizes.
• Tooth geometry optimized for the resaw industry.
• Welded joint 110% guaranteed.
• All sizes available

Our customers also appreciate the careful way our blades come packed in sturdy boxes so they are easy to deal with in your supply shed.