Track Your Quality To The Builder Level


Bingo Daubers

Hub Industrial Supply is well known for scouring land and sea to provide our pallet friends the finest saw blades, PPE, and other specialized products that are optimally suited to your industry.

In our never-ending quest to be your go-to source, we have even raided the supply closet of the local Senior Center to get you a quality-control tool that will make you want to shout, “BINGO!”

How do Bingo Daubers control quality in a pallet facility? It works like this: You issue a dauber to each worker at your facility. They come in 14 distinctive colors, and each worker gets his or her own color. They use the marker to apply a colorful mark to each pallet they complete.

At the end of the shift, you can tally the number of completed pallets of each worker by referencing the colored mark. If there are quality issues, you know who needs to be retrained or disciplined.

Gert McGreevy and Orville Hunter say they would never consider playing even one card of bingo without their trusty daubers to mark off the numbers as they are called; pretty soon, you’ll be saying something similar about these handy items and their utility down at the pallet yard.